The development of descriptions allow to add descriptions for Coding, Long coding, Adaptations, Basic Settings, Live Data. To access this function follow the instructions:

  • Press the button to open control units list.
  • Select the needed control unit by tapping on it.
  • Press "Live data" button for example.
  • Press "OK" to accept the development of descriptions terms.
The use of development of descriptions:

  • Press the button to open development of descriptions.
  • Press button to display the languages of descriptions.
  • there are displayed languages in which description was created.
  • rate other provided descriptions by pressing  (BAD) or (GOOD) buttons.
  • Add the the description by pressing
  • Press button to select the language.
  • select the language in which the description will be created.
  • enter the names of descriptions and press "OK" to confirm.
  • The description has been added. To get back to the editing, press button.
  • The other users can now rate the added description.