Car history displays the changes that were done with the car such as Gateway coding, Coding, Long coding, Adaptation, Basic settings, Coding II, Diagnostic session, App, Backup, Fault, Full scan. To access this function follow the instructions (The history is saved to OBDeleven system and to access it the internet connection is required):

  • Press button to open side menu.
  • the history could be accessed being either connected or not connected to the vehicle. The important requirement is to be logged in with a user account.
  • Press the "Garage".
  • Select the vehicle.
  • Select the "History".

How to use the "History":

  • There are displayed changes which were done with the vehicle.
  • Press button to open filter menu of displayed changes.
  • Press on to select of what period changes must be displayed.
  • Turn ON or OFF button to display or to not display the changes which were archived.
  • Select the type of changes to display.
  • Press to CLEAR or SELECT all types.
  • After editing the filter press "OK" to finish.
  • Press button to archive the selected history.
  • Press button for additional information about the selected history.
  • Press button to send the history log in .txt format.