This builder is a platform for Ultimate users which is intended for personal app creation.

Follow the instructions to create your own app:

  • Open the side menu by pressing .

  • Open Settings by pressing .

  • Press on the "Raw Data" to change "Hide" to the "Show".

Connect to the car, go to the function (Long coding, Adaptation, etc.) for which you wanna create a One-Click App.

Car: VW Golf VII
Control unit: 09 Central electrics
Function: Adaptation "Transport mode"

This is an example of Raw/Debug Data which is needed to create One-Click Application:

  • Address ID.
  • Address Byte/Bit/Bit Length.
  • Address Value.

Go to the One-Click Application builder. Log in with your OBDeleven account credentials.

If you are having issues logging in to your Dashboard click HERE.

  • Open "MY APPS" by pressing .

  • Start the application creation by pressing .

  • Select the needed vehicle on which you would like to create a one-click application. You can choose it from your Garage or select the vehicle from the list by swiping .
  • Once you select the needed vehicle, go to the next step by pressing .

  • You will need to upload the picture for your one-click application. You can do that by pressing .

  • Select the needed Category by pressing . You can select Adjustment, Retrofit, or Workshop.
  • The Standard and required app description language are English. If you want to create an app in another language please choose it from the list by pressing plus symbol. 
  • Enter the application name .
  • Provide the description of your one-click application .
  • To be able to go to the next step, the application NAME and DESCRIPTION are required to fill. All other fields that are marked with  are optional.
  • After you will apply these steps, press the "NEXT" button to proceed.

  • Turn on "Show values description" by swiping it.
  • In the marked field , you will need to add values and the description of each value. For example, this function can be turned on or off, so there are two values ON and OFF.
  • You can also add more values if you need by pressing "ADD VALUE", or you can remove the value by pressing on the red bin icon.

  • Select the needed control unit where the changes will be made. In this case, we are selecting the control unit 09 Central Electrics.

  • In the marked zone , all the commands are displayed. You can scroll down or up to find all the commands. In this case, we will need Adaptation UDS.
  • The marked field  is where you have to add the needed command.
  • Drag the needed command from field  to field  and the needed function will appear.

  • Enter the Raw/Debug Data to the fields from the OBDeleven application.
  • All fields have to be filled. Once this is done, the SAVE button color will change to blue and the One-Click Application can be saved.
  • Once you will press the "SAVE" button, you will get the notification that the application was saved successfully.

  • You can edit your one-click application by pressing .
  • You can delete your one-click application by pressing .

  • You can now use this one-click application for yourself via the Android or iOS application. Connect to your vehicle and select "Apps".
  • Open the menu of your one-click applications by pressing .
  • Select your created one-click application by tapping on it .