This builder is a platform for Ultimate users which is intended for personal app creation.

Follow the instructions to create your own app:

In the OBDeleven Android app settings change the "Raw Data" section from "Hide" to "Show":

  • Open the side menu by pressing .

  • Open Settings menu by pressing .

  • Press on the "Raw Data" to change "Hide" to the "Show".

In the OBDeleven iOS app settings change the "Debug mode" section switch from "0" to "I":

  • Open "Other" menu by pressing .

  • Open Settings by pressing .

  • Tap on the button to turn on the show debug data .

Connect to the car, go to the function (Long coding, Adaptation etc.) for which you wanna create a One-Click App.

Car: VW Golf VII
Control unit: 09 Central electrics
Function: Adaptation "Transport mode"

This is an example of Raw/Debug Data which is needed to create One-Click Application:
  • Address ID.
  • Address Byte/Bit/Bit Length.
  • Address Value.
  • Address ID.
  • Address Byte/Bit/Bit Length.
  • Address Value.

Go to the One-Click Application builder. Log in with your OBDeleven account credentials.
  • Press MY APPS button.
  • To start an application creation press "Build an app" icon.
Select the car for which you want to create the app. Choose it from the garage list or search by the car model from supported vehicles list:
  • Change the view between "Garage" and "Supported vehicles" by pressing the button.


  • Upload app picture by pressing button.

  • Open app group - Adjustment, Retrofit, Workshop by pressing button. Choose the group to which the app is dedicated for.
Standard and required app description language is English. If you want to create an app in another language please choose it from the list:
  • Press the "+" button, select the language, press DONE.

Describe the app in English:

  • Press the "+" button, choose other language from the list.
Describe the app in chosen language:

To be able to go to the next step, the application NAME and DESCRIPTION are required to fill. All other fields are optional.

Describe values in all chosen languages. These values will be shown as One-Click App possible activation choices:

Press Control Unit. Select the control unit where the changes will be made.

Select and drop the command from the commands list to the ADD COMMAND field. On a smaller screen, the COMMANDS field is not visible. To choose command press ADD COMMAND and select the needed one for the app:

Enter the Raw/Debug Data to the fields from OBDeleven application:

All fields have to be filled. Once this is done, SAVE button color will change to blue and One-Click Application can be saved:

Created applications can be edited or deleted by pressing the app picture and choosing “Edit” or “Delete” icon: