SFD - Schutz Fahrzeug Diagnose (Vehicle Diagnostic Protection).

What vehicles does it impact and what does it mean?
Some of the vehicles manufactured from 2020 have SFD protection. It means that this protection does not allow you to code or adapt most of the control units in the vehicle. Functions that will not work on the control unit that has SFD protection (please note that clearing faults / seeing data will still work):

*Basic Settings;
*Long Coding;
*One-Click Applications.

Will this be fixed? Will I be able to use it in the future?

The negotiation regarding the support of these models is in progress.
We already received the needed documentation from Volkswagen AG and we are testing it now.
Full SFD implementation will be possible after Volkswagen AG will finish the installation of the application programming interface (API).
To meet the high standard requirements of Volkswagen AG the SFD implementation may take until the 4th Quarter of 2021.
We are completely dependent on Volkswagen AG and will be ready when they are ready.
We will keep you updated on the situation.

As far as we know these are the cars that have the SFD protection:

Audi A3 from 2020;
Audi Q4 from 2021;
Volkswagen ID3 from 2020;
Volkswagen ID4 from 2021;
Volkswagen Golf 8 from 2020;
Volkswagen Caddy from 2021;
Volkswagen Transporter from 2022;
Volkswagen T-Roc from 2020;
Škoda Octavia from 2020;
Škoda Enyaq from 2021;
Seat Leon from 2020;
Cupra Leon from 2020;
Cupra el-Born from 2021;
Cupra Formentor from 2020.

The list is incomplete. We are working on completing the list - keep in mind that your car might be SFD protected even if it is not in the list.