A one-click app is a prepared application to enable or disable car functions. The number of one-click apps for your car depends on the car's equipment and model.

In order to use one-click applications, you will need to use credits (if you have the ULTIMATE plan, you will be able to use one-click applications for free). You do not need to have a PRO license in order to use one-click apps.

Most of the one-click applications cost 10 credits but there are some that cost 100 credits.

Follow the steps on how to use the one-click application:

  • Connect to your vehicle.

  • Open the menu by pressing .

  • Select "Car" by pressing .

  • Select "Apps" by pressing .

  • You will see a list of all the one-click applications for your vehicle. You can also find various applications by pressing , , . Select one of the applications by pressing on it.

  • The dashboard language is in German. You can change the language by pressing .

  • Pick the language by pressing .

  • Press and hold to apply the changes.

The vehicle dashboard language was changed to English.

Sometimes you can get a message "Not supported"when you are trying to use a one-click application. The explanation is that for safety reasons the one-click app is checking the values of the car control modules and if something does not meet the requirements, the app shows the message "Not supported".