The price of credits:
10 credits - 1.79 Eur
100 credits - 14.99 Eur
500 credits - 35.99 Eur

You can get the credits by purchasing via our website. You also get 1 credit every day for logging in.

To access the wallet of profile follow the instructions:

  • Open profile by the pressing on "Profile" buttons.

  • Press the "Wallet" button.

  • The wallet shows statistics of your purchased, obtained for free and spent credits. Every action of using/obtaining credits is recorded here.
  • Press the "Add" button for more credits.

  • Select the amount of credits to make the purchase and press "OK". The purchase will be made via "Google Play".
  • Select the "Get free credit" and press "OK" to receive the credit for watching a Google Ad. The limit per day is 5 credits for watching ads. If you are getting the message "No ads available" the Google doesn't have any ads available at this moment and you may try this function later.
  • If you have the code of credits select "Use code" and press "OK".

  • Enter the code.

    ATTENTION: do not enter the PRO activation code. It will not add the credits.